Accepted Workshops

The list of accepted workshops for BPM2013 is now available. 14 workshops proposals were submitted and 11 proposals were accepted. The following workshops will be held on BPM 2013:

  • 1st Int. Workshop on Decision Mining & Modeling for Business Processes (DeMiMoP’13)
  • 1st Int. Workshop on Business Process Management in the Cloud (BPMC’13)
  • 2nd Int. Workshop on Data- and Artifact-centric BPM (DAB’13)
  • 2nd Int. Workshop on Security in Business Processes (SBP’13)
  • 2nd Int. Workshop on Theory and Applications of Process Visualization (TAProViz’13)
  • 3rd Int. Workshop on Process-Aware Logistics Systems (PALS’13)
  • 4th Int. Workshop on Process Model Collections: Management and Reuse (PMC-MR’13)
  • 6th Int. Workshop on Business Process Management and Social Software (BPMS2’13)
  • 7th Int. Workshop on Event-driven Business Process Management (EdBPM’13)
  • 9th Int. Workshop on Business Process Design (BPD’13)
  • 9th Int. Workshop on Business Process Intelligence (BPI’13)

You can find the workshop themes, goals, homepages and other detailed information on this page.

Welcome to BPM 2013

BPM 2013 is the eleventh edition of the reference conference for researchers and practitioners in the field of Business Process Management (BPM). The conference covers all aspects of BPM, including theory, models, techniques, architectures, systems, and empirical studies, and engages the most renowned representatives of the BPM community worldwide in talks, tutorials, and scientific discussions.

BPM 2013 will take place in Beijing, the capital of China, and it will be the first edition of the BPM conference series in Asia. Next to the world-famous sites of the Great Wall, the Summer Palace, the Forbidden City, and Tiantan – four world cultural heritage sites recognized by UNESCO – Beijing hosts a constantly growing concentration of cutting-edge, industrial research labs and academic institutions from all over the world, making it a melting pot of creativity and innovation.