Panel on the Future of BPM Research/Publications

Thursday (29 August 2013) 13:00-13:30

For the first time, BPM authors were asked to fill out a questionnaire and most authors did so. There were questions related to the use and availability of software tools and data sets, the BPM use cases addressed in the submitted paper, and the type of paper (e.g., student paper or not). The questionnaire and the author’s answers trigger interesting questions like:

  • Should software and data sets presented in paper be available to reviewers (or even publically available)?
  • How is the distribution of BPM papers over the 20 BPM use cases mentioned in the questionnaire?
  • What use cases are missing? Which use cases deserve more attention and are underrepresented in the conference?
  • How to stimulate submissions from the entire BPM spectrum mentioned in the call for papers?

The panel is intended to serve as a starting point for a discussion and perhaps even a joint publication/report on the “Future of BPM Research”. See for an initial set of BPM use cases and for the BPM Tool Database initiative.