Keynote – Tom Baeyens

BPM in the cloud

Cloud computing has had a tremendous impact on how we consume software. That revolution is propagating to BPM and this talk will explore the dynamics involved. To understand the full scale of that impact, it’s important to reflect on some key aspects of traditional BPM. BPM’s sweet spot typically appeared when the executives’ need for change was met with IT’s enthusiasm on BPM system capabilities. The cloud has lead to bring your own device. Which means that now business managers take over the responsibility for buying business software from the IT department. So cloud has brought a lot more than the technical aspect of elastic computing. It’s the change in business model that has set radically new standards in terms of usability, focus and simplicity. When this mindset is applied to BPM, you can get an impression of its future direction. The impact is more profound than what people expect.

About the presenter
Tom Baeyens is founder and CEO of, an online service that is like cruise control for collaboration. Tom is a recognized thought leader in cloud BPM & collaboration and he has architected a large portion of the running BPM engines worldwide. Previously he founded the successful open source BPM engines jBPM (acquired by JBoss/Red Hat) and Activiti (Alfresco). You can follow him on twitter and on his blog.