Keynote – Tom Baeyens

BPM in the cloud Cloud computing has had a tremendous impact on how we consume software. That revolution is propagating to BPM and this talk will explore the dynamics involved. To understand the full scale of that impact, it’s important to reflect on some key aspects of traditional BPM. BPM’s sweet spot typically appeared when [...]

Keynote – Noshir Contractor

Moneyball for nanoHUB: Theory-driven and Data-driven Approaches to understand the Formation and Success of Software Development Teams Given the increasing importance of teams in producing high-impact innovations, it is important for success in all of the domains in which teams are critical that we understand how to assemble innovation-ready teams. While there is considerable research [...]

Keynote – Xiang Gao

Towards the Next Generation Intelligent BPM —— In the Era of Big Data Big data opens a new dimension, space, to o er the advantage of gleaning intelligence from data and translating that into business benefits. It will lead to knowledge revolution in all sectors, including Business Process Management (BPM). This paper sheds light on key [...]